My name is Sebastiaan Kerver or known by my nickname Bas Klok ,

I am working a few years now in the entertainment business as I like to call an AV engineer. I Toured with Hans Klok and Worked for a few companies and venues in the business 

From rock'n roll to theater and so on.
Since 2014 I started working for myself with my

company called:  ''Center To Edge Productions''.
Through this I am able to provide full light,  
sound and

other Audio visual services or support.

With the end goal to Support or lead your production to your vision.
By taking care of Design, Operating, logistics and managing 

About me


Nice guy to work with, has up to date knowledge to solve your av needs.


'' Good Prep = Half the work, more
time for fun "


Joost Matthijs Meijers

- Technical Producer


I know Bas as a Proffesional,

Who can always makes the show work.

I worked with Bas many times before, And hope to do so in the future!

A special strong force of Bas is a good and reliable working relationship.

Rob Alleman

- Eigenaar bij